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The ONLY Tested-And-Proven 
360° solution that helps freelancers to grow their businesses and close more clients!
All you need to become a world-class Irresistible Freelancer in one pack!
The 360-Degrees solution that helps you grow your freelance business even if:
  • You are not a sales guru
  • You don't have many clients ... or any clients at all!
  •  You hate selling!
  •  You are not well connected!
  •  You don't know where to find your clients
  •  Or any other reason that you can or can't think of!
How does it feel like........
Waking up one morning, realizing that you have two emails from two different clients thanking you for the amazing work you have done for them, and asking you to extend the scope of the project for a revised charge. They want you to work on the project no matter what you charge for! They trust you!

This is not a dream.. This is a REALITY for the Top-performing freelancers in the world.

and if you are interested in knowing how this happens, read on.... 
The Hard-Truths That We Discovered About Freelancers and Freelancing in the UAE
We, as Impact Hub Dubai, have been working over the past year on market research, demand analysis and digging deeper to understand the problems & challenges communities like freelancers face in the UAE. 
The #1 Thing Freelancers Want

We dug deeper in the world of freelancing to understand what are the demands of the freelancers. We found a very dangerous challenge freelancers face. It is the   #1 challenge for most of the freelance businesses: Closing More Clients.

This is dangerous because freelancers' cash flow comes from clients. 

In other words, no clients = no business!
The Un-Spoken Truth about 
Freelancers Communities
Through the research, we wanted to understand:

- Where do freelancers work? 
- Where do they hang-out? 
- Where can we find the highest number of freelancers?

We were shocked to discover an unspoken-truth about freelancers communities. 

They do not exist!!

When we asked freelancers how do they connect with other fellow freelancers, the answers were: 
  • Generic Facebook Groups for Freelancing
  • WhatsApp Groups with other fellow Freelancers that we went to college with
  • Or simply, freelancers we bump into on social media
The fascinating thing was that we got a consistent response that freelancers don't have a strong community, if at all!
Why Can't Freelancers Close More Clients?

Throughout the extensive research, we mentioned previously that we discovered that the #1 thing freelances lack and want is closing more clients. 

We dug deeper to see why is that a challenge? The answer is amazing!

Almost all freelancers we asked were focused on their craft, the core product. (And that makes sense - that's what they are good at after all!) 

What we also found out is that freelancers are divided into several categories when it comes to skills:
  • A Freelancer who understands how sales work and how to close clients 
  • A Freelancer who is running his business on referrals only - these are people who were lucky to land a client somehow & then they kept depending on the referrals coming from this client.
  • A Freelancer who is registered on and and expect the work to come to them.
The difference between each one in these categories is one word: Sales

A freelancer who gets how sales work is more successful! Period. As simple as this might sound, this is the truth.
Why Freelancers Should Care?
There is a huge potential for everyone to grow as a freelancer!

Here are some statistics about freelancing in the UAE:
  • Recent study shows that employees utilize only 50% of their time in the office to WORK (Actual WORK!)
  • 48% of HR Directors in the UAE believe in the GIG economy
  • Companies are shifting to the "Do More With Less" strategy
  • Hiring freelancers saves time, saves money, ensures better resource management and higher quality of work.

This means one thing: As a freelancer, you have a huge opportunity to grow your business. But you need to solve the above problem first...
Introducing...The "Irresistible Freelancer"
The ONLY Tested-And-Proven-360-Degrees Solution for freelancers. 
  • Learn the skills needed to grow your freelance business.
  • Learn how to close more clients and grow your clients base.
  • Build a LOYAL clients base that would appreciate who you are and what you do to them.
  • Build a lifestyle you want for yourself around your business.
  • Be part of an intimate community of freelancers.
What is in this 360-Degrees Solution?

When you buy the Irresistible Freelancer Package, you get the following:

 Total Value Worth = 61,000 DHS
  • 8-Weeks Masterclass: Learn skills, develop mindsets, and improve sales through an 8-weeks Masterclass. (Worth 10,000 DHS) 
  •  4-Weeks Group Coaching: Want more hands on experience about talking specifically about your business? The 4 weeks group coaching will get you covered! (Worth 10,000 DHS)
  •  Access to Online Masterclass: Missed a session? Or you want to see previous Masterclass weeks? That's what the online course is for! Get a life-time access to the online course. (Worth 6,500 DHS)
  •  Access to Online School: You will also have access to bonus training materials, checklists, tools, templates, etc..) (Worth 5,000 DHS)
  •  3-Months Co-Working Space Membership: Get 24/7 Access to Impact Hub Dubai's Co-Working space in the heart of Dubai - in Downtown Dubai - for three months. (Worth 4,500 DHS)
  • Freelancers Business Perks Package: Everything you need to run your business from software, to project management, to GYM discounts.. it's all in here... (and it's always growing to fulfill your demands!) (Worth 20,000 DHS)
  • Closed Facebook Group Community: How do you ensure continuous support? By having a Facebook group where we curate more content for you like Q&A Sessions, Business Development opportunities, and much more.. (Worth 5,000 DHS)
We are obviously not going to charge this amount to you for this amazing package.

But before I tell you what the offering price is, I want to ask you a question...

If all this package did to you is...
  • Land you 2 extra clients each worth 30,000 DHS
  • Get you business development opportunities that would sum up to 100,000 DHS
Would it be worth it..? 

The answer is YES!!
If you invest today in the Irresistible Freelancer, you will get EVERYTHING mentioned above and much more
Not for 61,000 DHS
Not for 30,000 DHS
Not even 10,000 DHS!
If you invest Today, you will get it for
4,500 DHS only!
Welcome to 
Impact Hub Dubai
Home For UAE Freelancers
As part of the package, you will get 3-months 24/7 access to the co-working space
Why Irresistible Freelancer is different?

1- The ONLY package that focuses on giving a 360 degrees solution to all freelancers in the UAE!

We have done extensive market research to understand what the freelancers need. Now it's our mission to give them a community and help them grow their sales!

2- We are focused on results, no "Fluff"

To ensure we deliver results, we partnered with Rise Assist, a Training and Education Consultancy company that is focused on VAs, Solopreneurs, and Freelancers. 
"BUT.. What happens if I buy and I don't find it fits me..?
No Worries! We've got you covered!
100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our product so much, we are going to offer you a 7-Days Money Back Guarantee from the day of purchase.

If, for any reason, you thought this doesn't work for you, just send us an email at and we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

What Are You Waiting For?
Join now and grow your freelance business!
Limited Packages! 
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